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  bbruns 4a36db3579 New NTP DDoS target hack 5 years ago
  bbruns 1c080183b1 New NTP DDoS target hack 5 years ago
  bbruns 57cc769514 Fix some stuff in options.default 5 years ago
  bbruns c5947c45eb IPv6 DHCP 8 years ago
  bbruns 026185195b More code to support ipv* allowed files 8 years ago
  bbruns 3056ae4d19 Code for IPV4_ALLOWED 8 years ago
  bbruns 3fbf89ac6d Oops, variable name conflict 8 years ago
  bbruns ab10d17e3b Policy settings, fix location of ipv6 closing fi 8 years ago
  bbruns 329d9ad0ce Intercept rules 8 years ago
  bbruns 261286113a IPv6 ICMP criticals 8 years ago
  bbruns 4b89a59d71 IPv6 ICMP criticals 8 years ago
  bbruns 192040ebf2 Adjust routedclientblock options 8 years ago
  bbruns a24671f5a3 Push out 0.9.11 8 years ago
  bbruns 70a2559ec3 Move detection code to separate scripts for easy customization 8 years ago
  bbruns b73ab90219 Add more support code for auto detection 8 years ago
  bbruns 2290408f68 Add code for detecting default external interface 8 years ago
  bbruns ff2cae92ef Option to use old style state or new conntrack state 8 years ago
  bbruns d94d400411 Move config files to conf/ directory to clean up clutter, still leave options in main dir. 8 years ago
  bbruns 6c03b7d069 Code optimization 8 years ago
  bbruns 34fa66b7ba Replace accidentally deleted options in options.default, add NETMAP support 8 years ago
  bbruns fc6b4ed4ce IPv6 variable rename plus compattibility settings in static 8 years ago
  bbruns 2dc5d200f8 IPv6 marking support 8 years ago
  bbruns aa881a3a69 IPv6 support improved 8 years ago
  bbruns 604df44c2f Non-conntrack udp DNS reply option 8 years ago
  bbruns 8e3df29bf4 Module loading support and option 8 years ago
  bbruns 77c3324dca Module loading support and option 8 years ago
  bbruns 8f7763e4af IPv6 blocking test 8 years ago
  bbruns 8840c3c630 Advanced blocking added 8 years ago
  bbruns f7ad83ea0b Change LANDHCPSERVER to accept network interfaces 8 years ago
  bbruns 8a1f7558af Removed support code for NATRANGE 8 years ago
  bbruns 441deb9023 RFC 1918 space blocking 8 years ago
  bbruns 24cfc7c9a2 Multiport enabled for TCP and IPv6 TCP 8 years ago
  bbruns 9e628f7fe0 Begin multiport option support 8 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com a2fd85688c New hack: MULTI-NIC-ARP-LOCK 8 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 486594fdd0 Marking support 8 years ago
  bbruns 8f78bb6fb2 More minor changes 8 years ago
  bbruns 5a3e6086b0 Added external IP to port forwarding. 8 years ago
  bbruns 54bcf6e8e6 Some more minor changes 8 years ago
  bbruns 97dd5fa6f0 HACK_IPV4 Option 8 years ago
  bbruns af6518176a New NAT code 8 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com b08e06ca14 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com 2a620be8ef Adding ECN strip functions 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com 3f0c737fd8 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com caacd92bc9 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com 58cadfeca3 Added new options for blocked IPs 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com ece001ddb5 More IPv6 fixes 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com aac492d288 Added license file, install file, tweaked misc things 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com 871a7f2803 Added tweaks file 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com a9677f5d51 Add routing features 9 years ago
  bruns@2mbit.com 3fbe227b80 Added DHCP LAN server allow 9 years ago