29 Commits (2.1p2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Brielle Bruns cba6893c41 Bug fix NAT rule variable not being reset 1 year ago
  Brielle Bruns ae9a725e8c Refactor NETMAP a bit so it allows more flexibility with src and dst. Requires that the custom field starts with the --to address. 1 year ago
  Brielle Bruns ca06b76fc2 2.1p1 to fix NETMAP issue 1 year ago
  Brielle Bruns f8cb8b11e2 Release tag for 2.1 final 1 year ago
  Brielle Bruns b19d4156d2 Add before/after run commands 2 years ago
  Brielle Bruns fa09ce18f9 Fix for mss clamping 4 years ago
  Brielle Bruns 965308dea4 2.1a3 4 years ago
  Brielle Bruns ddffbcd998 Fix issue with erasing variables in service setup 4 years ago
  Brielle Bruns 78772c0cdf Add 'all' option for mss clamp 5 years ago
  Brielle Bruns d731b0ce61 2.1a2 release 6 years ago
  Brielle Bruns 56af91fc6b Beginning work on v2.1 6 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 1fd35cfbc0 Adding new MSS options 6 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com e898e0da9d Fix executable bit on .sh files 6 years ago
  bbruns 613ca9e966 Release 2.0. Yay\! 6 years ago
  bbruns 343dcad090 7 years ago
  bbruns 45485e4455 7 years ago
  bbruns 64198528a7 7 years ago
  bbruns 0c7813397c 7 years ago
  bbruns 2db64ac6ad Give users more knobs to twist 7 years ago
  bbruns a7b0ab662a Testing fix for UDP replies 7 years ago
  bbruns 277e92d3a3 7 years ago
  bbruns e60cb210fe 7 years ago
  bbruns bbbf5646f4 7 years ago
  bbruns 9a1f7d3322 Add missing syn support 7 years ago
  bbruns d05f450d00 7 years ago
  bbruns 426978b0fc Kernel module loading implemented 7 years ago
  bbruns 3ac820df2c 7 years ago
  bbruns 6dfe77b118 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 35ea5e8a11 7 years ago
  bbruns 5c59973306 Added makefile in prep for debian package 7 years ago
  bbruns 94950f7f26 Updated changelog, misc other things 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com d0ee1bcfbb Some updates regarding conntracking. Start of improved security over more permissive allows. 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com bde9efd92b 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com c8e3fdd96e 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 861f2721f1 Added acl/filtering functionality 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com a8aaa23834 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com e190e321d0 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 4c8d5ab520 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 3cd26878b3 Gotta love it when you have dos/win line endings unintentionally 7 years ago
  bbruns@gmail.com 6161f8d978 7 years ago