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  1. # These are the custom files that can be used to inject rules during loading. Please don't change them
  2. # unless you have a good reason.
  3. # To allow variable propagation/change and some creative changes of rules that I haven't tought of,
  4. # these files are sourced into the main file during setup of the order of chains.
  5. $V6CUSTPREFIX="${FWPREFIX}/ipv6/"
  6. $v6_Custom_Pre="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"
  7. $v6_Custom_Trust="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"
  8. $v6_Custom_EasyBlock="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"
  9. $v6_Custom_Filter="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"
  10. $v6_Custom_NAT="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"
  11. $v6_Custom_PortFw="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"
  12. $v6_Custom_Post="$V6CUSTPREFIX/"