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  1. SRFirewall v2.0 http://www.sosdg.org/freestuff/firewall
  2. Written by: Brielle Bruns <bruns@2mbit.com>
  3. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  4. Installing is fairly straight forward:
  5. 1. Download to a location of your choosing, I recommend /usr/src
  6. 2. Run 'make install' to put files in /usr/local by default
  7. 3. Edit config files in /usr/local/etc/srfirewall
  8. 4. Run 'srfirewall' command to load the firewall and work its magic
  9. If you are upgrading from a previous version and don't want to overwrite
  10. your config files, use 'make upgrade'.
  11. If you wish to install to some place other then /usr/local, you will
  12. need to edit the Makefile PREFIX as well as the bin/srfirewall script to
  13. reflect the new location.
  14. If you want to run from SVN trunk (for the brave), here's how I would do
  15. it:
  16. === Begin commands ===
  17. cd /usr/src
  18. svn checkout http://firewall-sosdg.googlecode.com/svn/srfirewall srfirewall-trunk
  19. ln -s /usr/src/srfirewall-trunk/lib /usr/local/lib/srfirewall
  20. ln -s /usr/src/srfirewall-trunk/bin/srfirewall /usr/local/bin/srfirewall
  21. cp -R /usr/src/srfirewall-trunk/etc /usr/local/etc/srfirewall
  22. === End commands ===
  23. Then when you want to update to bleeding edge, all you have to run is
  24. 'svn update'.
  25. You _will_ need to look for newly changed/added files and update
  26. appropriately.
  27. To make the update process easier, I made the config script look for a
  28. local.conf file in etc/srfirewall that can be used to override the
  29. default options. This will allow you to replace all of the *.conf files
  30. on upgrade without losing local option changes.
  31. The default options are designed to be 'sane' for a good portion of the
  32. many users, so the use of local.conf only needs specific options you
  33. wish to override.
  34. Files in etc/srfirewall/ipv{4,6} can be safely left alone during upgrade
  35. since I plan to not make upstream changes to them once they are written
  36. and defined for use.
  37. When in doubt, check the CHANGELOG file for mention of new config
  38. options and/or config files.